Natural Treatment of Angular Cheilitis Or Perleche – Is The Embarrassment & Pain Finally Over?

Published: 06th May 2009
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Even though not a deathly condition, excruciating and unpleasant angular chelitis attacks can happen several times each year. This has prompted many sufferers like yourself to look for natural treatment of angular cheilitis or perleche, some of which are described in this article.

For a start, you should know that one of the catalysts for both fungal and bacteria infection is extreme salivating.

The excessive saliva moistens the corners of the mouth always creating a surroundings that promotes the growth of a kind of fungus known as candida. Moreover, bacteria also multiply very easily in such a moist environment. This in turn sparks off the onset of infection that results in angular chelitis.

Extremely painful fissures or cracks could ultimately be the case although ordinary rawness could be the first signs of infection.

You can use a ginger concoction to prevent an angular chelitis condition that is caused by extreme salivating. However, please realize that ginger tea will be useful in putting a stop to any constant or excessive salivating but not as a cure for the infection per se.

Pertaining to a natural treatment for infections caused by candida as well as bacteria, you should consider the nonprescription 'Athlete's Foot' ointment as well as any cream with a preparation that has anti fungal and antibacterial components. Applying these ointments on affected regions in modest doses two times a day have given short term relief to some sufferers.

You can also get some relief by using lukewarm water that is pre-boiled to cleanse the affected areas. Nevertheless, prior to touching the affected areas on as well as around your face or mouth, you have to meticulously wash both your hands.

Lastly, among the brightest techniques that have came up todate is also another natural treatment of angular cheilitis or perleche. This specific treatment makes use of things that are often utilised (most likely day-after-day) by us, and particularly, items from our bathroom, laundry area as well as kitchen.

As reported by ex-sufferers who have used it, this natural treatment works very well to permanently get rid of the problematic candida.

To know more about natural treatment of angular cheilitis or perleche including ways that provide permanent relief, please visit: where you will learn everything about natural angular cheilitis treatment and more.

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